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Your story is important..

Fine Art Gallery owner, Trayci Tompkins shares her thoughts on ‘celebrating your Artists’ story’ with readers of the Ceramics Southern Africa magazine. It was 12 years ago that I registered and trademarked our South African inspired ZULU LULU brand. A brand that evolved from our commercial ceramic studio label into a busy retail gallery space…
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Image of artist Trayci Tompkins

Every field needs a rest before a farmer can sow again…

Sarah West Ervin, in her blog on ways to stay motivated, describes losing the urge to create as “like a balloon from the previous weekend’s birthday party, slowly deflating, losing all motivation to do anything, let alone create.” Recently I felt my balloon losing its shape. Just as I began to panic, I remembered that…
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Photo session for a ceramic

Small tweaks that make all the difference

Ceramic artist & entrepreneur Trayci Tompkins shares her thoughts on Business agility as an artist – with readers of the Ceramics Southern Africa magazine. Sometimes all it really takes is cutting off the ‘legs’ to make your jeans more wearable. I’ve just done that liberating act on a prized pair of England’s finest… and it…
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Trayci Tompkins with pot

16 questions for Trayci

Chairperson of Ceramics Southern Africa Gauteng, Colleen Lehmkuhl  caught up with Trayci – whom she met in 2011 – and asked her about her influences, her passions and her techniques. Colleen: 1. Have you always wanted to work with clay? Trayci: I believe clay found me.. In a London Art school on my way to register for…
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This must be the place

This must be the place…

Talking Heads sang in their lyrics “And you may ask yourself… well how did I get here*” back in the 80’s, now clay artist Trayci Tompkins asks … and discovers, “this must be the place.” Having studied  Drama, Theatre and Marketing, it took a bit of courage when I first wrote ‘Artist’ on an official…
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The story teller

“I have always been a maker and a story teller..and have enjoyed a varied and somewhat inter-connected career .. first studying performing arts back in the mid eighties, then naturally progressing into the visual arts via a well loved career in print media. My father was a part time actor, my mother an artist. So I guess…
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Trayci Tompkins raku firing

Life lessons with Raku

In her ceramic firing experiments, Trayci has become a bit of a pyromaniac with scars to remind her of these exciting experimental times. “It was a tremendously exciting experimental time that taught me philosophical life lessons as an aside to the technique of things.  I was drawn to the drama and spontaneity of Raku firing.…
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Field of yellow flowers

The quieter you become

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” BUDDHA… Artists, if they have any sense, will retreat into their sacred spaces, shut out the noise and let the story unfold. Maybe that’s what keeps us creating … keeps us moving forward. It’s been said, that stillness (alongside love) is one of the most powerful…
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Artist tools and brushes

A career in the Arts

As an Artist Entrepreneur, Trayci is often invited to talk to school groups, open exhibitions and inspire students with her heartfelt approach to following a creative intuition.. “I feel like such a dinosaur getting up and telling the girls at a prominent Girls’ High School recently about art as my career choice. So much has…
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Trayci travelling

The art of travel

Travel is one of Trayci Tompkin’s passions… and she’s been fortunate to do a fair bit of it in her life. She explains why in this blog post: My most inspiring journeys have been well off the usual tourist route and usually involve lesser known communities steeped in a rich culture and tradition. I travel…
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