Month: July 2018


Trayci Tompkins with pot

16 questions for Trayci

Chairperson of Ceramics Southern Africa Gauteng, Colleen Lehmkuhl  caught up with Trayci – whom she met in 2011 – and asked her about her influences, her passions and her techniques. Colleen: 1. Have you always wanted to work with clay? Trayci: I believe clay found me.. In a London Art school on my way to register for…
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This must be the place

This must be the place…

Talking Heads sang in their lyrics “And you may ask yourself… well how did I get here*” back in the 80’s, now clay artist Trayci Tompkins asks … and discovers, “this must be the place.” Having studied  Drama, Theatre and Marketing, it took a bit of courage when I first wrote ‘Artist’ on an official…
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