‘Oh the places we’ll go..’


‘Oh the places we’ll go..’

OH THE PLACES WE’LL GO … OH THE PEOPLE WE’LL MEET ! was a poem I penned back in 2013 inspired by the wit of Dr Seuss for a naive clay sculpture I was working on of two figures embarking on a journey. Life does throw some interesting challenges at times.. and how often do we find ourselves facing highs and lows – sometimes both in one day.!? This popped up as a memory for me today on Facebook, so I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy and feel free to pass on to anyone in need of a little lift.

Trayci Tompkins – inspired by Dr Seuss

Oh the places we’ll go !

Oh the people we’ll meet !

Sometimes you’ll need strength on that not so smooth street.

There’ll be cheering and leering

There’ll be highs amid lows

There’ll be times that you’re down or high on your toes.

You’ll need courage you’ll see

When you’re climbing back up

From those dark hidden places that throw you a muck.

You’ll feel love and compassion

Of the deepest of sorts

And the joys of life’s journeys that bring you to ports.

You may stay there a while

Getting comfy and warm,

Till clouds blow from the distance and bring in a storm…

That’s when courage kicks in

And the spirit of cheer

That lifts you again and brings happiness near.

You’ll be happy and sad

Sometimes both in one day

Find a voice to speak up and say what you say.

Oh the places we’ll go !

Oh the people we’ll meet !

That foxy young lady and that guy on the street.

They’ll change you forever

And open your mind

‘Caus people are different and one of a kind.

It’s good that we’re moving

And not all the same

In life you may learn that it’s all in the game.

Sometimes you’ll climb ladders

Or step on a snake

It’s all up to you which path you will take.

A light you will carry

It’s in you you’ll see

The wisdom to journey and courage to BE !

So Celebrate life !

Add colour and fun !

Amidst all the drama that weave into one.

Head out into yonder

Adventure today

‘caus this is your moment, YOU’RE OFF AND AWAY !

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    I coᥙldn’t resiѕt commenting. Exⅽeptionalⅼy well written!

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