The story teller


The story teller

I have always been a maker and a story teller..and have enjoyed a varied and somewhat inter-connected career .. first studying performing arts back in the mid eighties, then naturally progressing into the visual arts via a well loved career in print media. My father was a part time actor, my mother an artist. So I guess my path was fairly well mapped out for me.

“I have vivid memories of myself dressed up in purple hot-pants and knee high plastic white boots at the local community fair, painstakingly ‘fishing’ for the magnetic shark that would win me a pot of paint. The fact that the paint tubs were all a shade of brown and dirty cream didn’t seem to faze me.. as I merrily revamped my world around me in a sort of muddy concoction of acrylic.

“My love for the Arts still motivates every choice I make…”

“Recently I unwrapped a box of school reports where a class two teacher had me well sussed .. I was 7 years and 9 months and according to ‘Mrs Snyman’, was already independent, reliable and expressive in all forms of creative activity. She had me down as ‘especially interested in clay modelling, painting, nature and very fond of pets.’

“It proved to me that our children already have the tools to their individual destinies into adulthood… and how a little nurturing can go a long way into moulding a happier society. Almost 40 years on …and my love for the Arts still motivates every choice I make and the way I promote select artists and ceramic makers through our country Gallery in the KZN Midlands.” – Trayci Tompkins