The art of travel


The art of travel

Trayci travelling
Travel is one of Trayci Tompkin’s passions… and she’s been fortunate to do a fair bit of it in her life. She explains why in this blog post:

My most inspiring journeys have been well off the usual tourist route and usually involve lesser known communities steeped in a rich culture and tradition. I travel to open my heart.. to feast my soul.. to give my eyes new vision.. to feel small in our big world. From these far off places I have returned refreshed with creative inspirations for new clay makings alongside contemporary directions for our South African Art business.

In contrast I have a magnetic pull to overcrowded fast-paced London. You will find me there between visits to our family and friends, who are dotted across from Wales to Kent and London in between. Seeing them all becomes a logistical exercise in itself, but well worth the effort and I always make sure to include a routine London inner city stay. London is like an overactive vein for many artists. Always so much to absorb. Always something new and undiscovered.

For me London is a city where artists from way gone meet artists of today. Where architecture collides into a mix of exciting and invigorating style to rejuvenate history. It’s alive with the worlds best thespians walking alongside us in the streets and echoing through the alleys of the West End… Where heavy gold framed painted angels and Madonna’s watch your every move.. Where sculpture is celebrated.. Where Banksy creeps about, spray can in hand… and where tea genuinely does taste good.

It’s been two days since I returned from this favourite city of mine, and I know I’ve once again left a huge part of myself behind.. it’s annoying and lovely at the same time. It was ‘spanking’ to revisit the moodiness of Van Gogh, Van Dyck, Caravaggio, Da Vinci and Vermeer. To touch and feel new ceramics from Britain’s top makers and roam the halls of creativity from long long ago.

These travels I take teach me that Art will always document who we are.. as individuals or communities. Art will speak truth in a world where corruption, ego and greed corrode. Art will celebrate beauty, truth and morality.  It will be the platform of opinion both good and bad. These travels remind me how good it is to call myself an artist/maker. Part of me is always left behind when I travel… equally part of ‘travel’ is always brought back home.

– Trayci Tompkins