Ceramic archives


I have gathered together a Ceramic Archive Collection of some of my favourite pots in this mini showcase gallery…from 1996 to 2016. I often think that, if it hadn’t been for a chance encounter with Sudanese Potter Mo Abdalla, back in the early 90’s in London, who knows if I would have made my way with clay.. More than that, I think Abdalla would be proud that his teachings in hand-building went a long way to support my career in ceramics.

It was Abdalla who repeatedly said, “Trayci you are an African.. you need to avoid the wheel and rather hand-build clay pots .. for that is where the magic lies !!”

I like that I had my artistic grounding in clay.. The textural, tactile elements, coupled with a humble approach to making pots is something that informs my art language and shows up regularly when I paint. Often you will see a familiarity in colour palatte to my choice of glazes and oxides, a nod to a bold ceramic shape in a line or curve or repeated textures and surface patterns..