And a creative Covid-19 to you..


And a creative Covid-19 to you..

I’m no expert, but when it comes to the emotional well-being of creativity, I’m completely absorbed. I’ve learnt that a healthy creative spirit is vital to the well being of any artist..

So with the imminent lock down of our country within the next two days, I wanted to nudge in here to share some thoughts and perhaps some of the tips that I’ve harvested from my international Art Tribe, over the past few months … most of whom are already ahead of us in this curve.  

For many full time artists who are fortunate to work from home studios, not much will change to our daily routines.. As one artist put it recently: “At last we can call ourselves ‘Artist in Residence”.. But for others, things are about to change dramatically. For one, you may now need to share your sacred alone-space with your family.. Or spend time caring for a loved one.  The reality is, this is an anxious time for everyone.  

Uncertainty around financial issues, health issues, food issues are high on our worry list…These are the pressing things that may suddenly make our creative work feel no longer relevant.  For my part, I’m here to encourage you to make your creativity matter.. To pay attention to how you are feeling … To keep a private note of this time.  Feelings, emotions, reactions to what is happening around us, are all important to each and every artist I know. Maybe now would be a worthwhile time to start a new routine for yourself. Start a journal perhaps or a visual diary.  

Some artists in my group have distanced themselves from the sudden onslaught on social media. That way avoiding the conversation of now bored working folk adjusting to ‘isolation’.  Some have channelled themselves into creative home chores to enrich their children. Others have come to realise that this is not the time to punt sales of their art to a world absorbed in matters completely unprecedented. .. Some are learning a new skill online to enrich their practice, and many are taking this opportunity to make new structures for themselves as routines and regular thought processes are disrupted.  

Simply ‘Connecting to what is’ ! This is where the emotional well-being of our creativity lies.

At the heart of everything we make, is this incredible connection to what matters to us. It’s the thing that drives our individual artistic voice and keeps us showing up in our studios. We are all storytellers and one thing is for sure; in studios and make shift spaces across the world, artists are putting into action their united view of this world crises… both good and bad.

Being of creative mind and soul is one of the greatest gifts .. And we all own it. Yes, there are times like this that we are most certainly going to struggle financially. Believe me we are all in the same boat.. In the bigger picture, we genuinely are the lucky ones. 

So I want to encourage and remind you all to put your art practice to good use. Put aside the urge to let go of your creative thread. Channel what you feel as it plays out into your art. It could mean putting aside your chosen medium in favour of a sketch book, clay, camera, pen, some collage or paint. Through this, you’ll discover things about yourself that are waiting to be unlocked… and you may even inspire those around you to do the same.

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  1. Helena wagenaar says:

    Dear tracy, thank you!!
    And have a stunning birthday on the 26th many hours before midnight and the official lockdown. You are a bright shining light, a inspiration and always shimmering. All luv and let the creative juices FLOW!!! ♡♡

  2. Diane says:

    Love it as usual Trayc! SPOT ON!!!

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