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Grey…is it a colour !

DON’T BE SHOCKED – I’M GOING GREY…  If you ask me about hairdressers, I’ll tell you they are my joy. Especially when you find a good one… or a tribe of them like I have. As an artist there is nothing better than having a hairstyle or colour to set you off on a creative…
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Connecting to Disconnection..

We are two weeks into our lock down here in South Africa and I’m starting to get a sense of disconnection. Many of you may have already felt this…For me, having worked for over a year alone in my studio, I’m quite used to being on my own. However, this is a different kind of…
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And a creative Covid-19 to you..

I’m no expert, but when it comes to the emotional well-being of creativity, I’m completely absorbed. I’ve learnt that a healthy creative spirit is vital to the well being of any artist.. So with the imminent lock down of our country within the next two days, I wanted to nudge in here to share some…
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Artist Authenticity..

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what motivates the art that we make, and how commercial artists can still retain sense of authentic self within a body of work they create.  For me, stepping back and taking a year away from ‘making Art to sell’ has been the most liberating things I could do…
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Painting stories..

Personal stories and experiences are like golden nuggets to artists. It’s where we go to for inspiration and meaning – adding stories to our paintings and ceramic work. So it is that loosing my special horse Big Al has finally started to show up in my painting on canvas and weaving its way into my…
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Embracing change..

Isn’t it exciting to see the evolution of an artist through the work they make? How meaningful trips to a desert or exploring a foreign culture for example, can reveal itself in the potters latest creations in clay, or how suddenly an artists’ colour palette will change from bold magenta to quiet blues after some…
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