KZN Midlands, RSA


trayci tompkins, its a dogs life, ceramic sculptureIt’s the emotion, humor and story-telling that inspires my quirky sculpture..” Trayci Tompkins

Conversations with her four-legged friends and a life enriched by having them around is a constant in Trayci’s life. Little wonder then that dogs on ‘designer chairs’, cats, birds and goats feature strongly in her Animal sculptural works. But it’s less about the breed of animal and more about the captured emotion and often hilarious antics that inspire each piece. It’s the same kind of story-telling that motivates the ‘Theatrical series’ sparked by Trayci’s love of Cirque du soleil characters and Medieval Pageantry.

trayci tompkins, clay construction, clay slab, clay sculpture, chairs in clay, its a dogs life CLAY CONSTRUCTION

With a knowledge in pattern cutting and dress design, Trayci creates ‘Lino cut’ flat slabs of clay before they are cut into shapes and delicately assembled to create designer chairs and couches for her quirky character dogs.

Theatrical figures dressed in textured clay costumes are created in much the same way.  Her versatile sculpture clay blended with paper pulp allows her to fire to both high stoneware temperatures and vulnerable, fiery Raku.


Trayci does take on personal commission requests from time to time. Please contact her via email to discuss.