KZN Midlands, RSA


A two year sabbatical focused on painting techniques, print making, mark making and diving into abstract art, has led to a whole new exciting chapter with paint.

“If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse.. but surely you will see the wildness” Picasso; on art of expression 

Pablo Picasso found his way to clay through his paintings that became more ‘sculptural’ over time. For Artist Trayci Tompkins, however, hers is a journey in reverse of that. 

Tompkins’s award winning Ceramic sculpture has always held an engaging narrative.. So it’s a natural progression that has led to an exciting abstract figurative expression on paper and canvas. There is spontaneity, an intrigue and a sense of wonder about her work … highlighted with collage vintage papers, ink runs and glazed washes that make them completely engaging; especially up close.  

Working from her bright airy midlands studio that looks out onto lush green farmlands and welcomes in the big blue African sky, Tompkins is able to create in a multidisciplinary environment, moving effortlessly between easel and clay slab.  It is this lush studio view that she captures as ‘under-paintings’ before finding a sense of narrative with all the memory associated with her studies in theater history, drama, dance and mime.  The initial intuitive ink marks reveal themselves as figures during the process, which the artist captures as a moment in time, accentuating each piece with a recognizable gentle storytelling 

 For latest works available, please contact Trayci via email